About Fae Kreations & Fae Moon

I am a nearly 40, wife, mom, grandmother and small business owner.  My kids and grandkids range from the 2-legged to the 4-legged.
I have 3 beautiful 2-legged girls ranging in age from 20-30 (Witchlet, B and Chicklet) and 2 4-legged daughters who are one and half, and 5 (Spirit and Duchess).
I have one 4-legged grandson (Jack, that belongs to Witchlet and her mate), 2-4 legged granddaughters (Smootches and Akoya who belong to Chicklet) and another 2-legged grandchild on the way (Witchlet and her mate).  I also have a 2-legged son, who is Witchlet’s mate and the expectant father of my grandchild.Us 2013
I was raised in the “Bible Belt” of the Deep South where religion was something you seemed to have thrust on you at birth.  I was raised Church of God back when being a Christian wasn’t easy, and religion is still something the people in the Bible Belt take seriously.  It’s not easy to be who I am here some days, and that fact has, in part, led to the recent decision for Draco and I to buy and RV and travel.

We both have wandering souls to an extent (Draco more so than me).  I have always needed balance and the balance for a gypsy spirit is stability.  Hard to combine the two right?  Well, maybe not.  My home will be on wheels and be transported back and forth across the country as we see the word, but home will always go with me.  So, stability and a wandering spirit combined.
I’m a supporter of animal rights, LGBT rights and the rights of my family and loved ones to be whoever they are and love whomever they choose.
In spite of being a blogger, I am an introvert in so many ways.  Shy to a fault at times, I’m not the one you’ll see out partying or drawing a lot of attention.  To me, the perfect Friday night is sitting around the campfire, coffee or wine in hand, the smell of charcoal on the grill and the dance of firelight from the fire pit playing on the faces of those I love while we laugh at each other and ourselves.
I began writing when I was in middle school and received a diary for Christmas.  I loved words that rhymed, and quickly began writing poetry.  Simple little rhymes at first, really, but with the encouragement of a teacher at my high school, I began to write more complex and meaningful things, one of which was published in a school literary magazine (my one claim to fame).
I continued to write as I got older, but mostly, it was writing in my journal.  I excelled in English classes, developed a passion for reading, as well as writing, and soon discovered I had a natural talent for composition along with a vivid imagination.
In my late 20′s, my best friend introduced me to blogging.  Of course, blogging was different then than it is now.  Networking was more difficult and there were fewer people to network with.  As much work as it takes to have a successful blog now, it was even more-so then.  This, of course, was before The Pioneer WomanMamaKat and The Blogess were common names in the blogging community (although I know Ree Drummond was writing back then because she was one of the first bloggers I started seriously following).
These ladies, along with a few others, continue to be some of my favorite bloggers, and not due to any claim of fame they currently experience.  I knew them “back when” they were doing the same thing I’m doing now, sitting behind a keyboard and praying someone would comment on something they wrote.
I have a twisted sense of humor and I love to laugh.  I occasionally battle depression and I’ve found that finding humor in myself, and the world around me, are the best defenses I can find.  I can be serious when the need arises, but I find it a state of mind that I don’t care to spend a lot of time in.  Life is too short to be taken so seriously.

Fae Kreations is a business I actually inherited when The Puppet Master passed away.  It started out as a business her and Step-Dad were running and included leather products, such as belts, but as The Puppet Master's health declined, the business became packed up and stored away on a porch with the exception of the leather tools, which they had gotten rid of.

I'm 1/4 Cherokee Indian and the dream catchers began as only the standard 9 point, but I have changed things since inheriting the business to include other styles and I usually include as many points as I feel like adding, and I also intend to eventually include the sale of handmade candles and possibly some homemade items such as ointments, but that is in the future.
When I’m not writing, I can usually be found on Twitter, managing my Facebook Page and running my shop Fae Kreations.
This blog will be an outlet for my life, a place where I can share current events as well as somewhere I can record my past for my children and their children.  All of my kids know that I blog and I’m sure that they occasionally read it.  It is my hope that when I am gone, they can come here and relive our happy memories and get to know the woman and the witch behind the Mom, where they can enjoy family recipes that they may miss, laugh over something silly our family said or did and remember that life was good.  I hope that each person that visits here walks away with something as well, be it a post that resonated with them or a good recipe.
Fae Moon
December 2013