Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What connects me

I just read this thought-provoking post (link below), that asks what connects us.

I've been answering a lot of questions about my path lately to Tiger who is very eager to understand the passion I have for my spirituality, so I thought I'd address my thoughts on this topic here.

I'm finding joy in my life in being present in the moments life gives me, both alone and with the people who matter in my life. I do have a time I consider sacred, though, when I feel particularly grounded and connected and it's this time I'd like to share with you.

In the mornings, either before Draco gets up or after I take him to work, I make a cup of coffee that I take care to be precise with. I set it aside to begin cooling as I make my way to the ancestor shrine I've recently set up where I spend a few moments with Teddy Bear's photograph. Sometimes I just admire the quiet strength that shines from his photo, other times I talk to him for a few moments. Either way, he has my undivided attention during those moments as I give myself over to the feelings of being loved and protected that he always seemed to exude. Then, I spend a few moments with the photos of my living family and in giving thanks for the love and protection they continue to offer me. Again, this task has my undivided attention as I'm reminded how blessed I truly am that these people love me so unconditionally.

From there, I move to the family altar Draco and I share where I greet the day, ask for strength and receive any guidance the gods have to offer. This is a type of light trance for me. I ask for the blessings and safe-keeping of my loved ones, guidance for the lost, understanding for the confused, balance for those who cannot seem to find it and for those I love to never again feel a moments doubt about my feelings for them. I even say a few words for our way-ward third and offer my hopes to the winds of change and the Fates that she one day finds her way home.

Once I'm done, I sit at my kitchen table and focus on that cup of coffee. The temperature, the flavor, the way it feels in my mouth, the reflexive muscles that carry the caffeine I need so much to the rest of my body, the heat of the cup as it transfers to my hands, small imperfections in the surface of the cup --everything.

In these early-morning moments, I am present and connected with myself, my life, my path, and my gods. I am connected fully to my home and the people who make my life what it is. I am connected to nature as I listen to the chatter of the birds and watch the squirrels dance across the yard while the wind gently rocks the trees. These are the moments that connect me in all the ways that matter.

What are the things that connect you?



Post inspired by:
"The Altar of Your Life"